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Welcome to my world. This website is dedicated to disseminating data, analyzing socio-political dynamics, and creatively visualizing social, economic, and environmental changes in eastern Africa. Having previously completed a master’s in geography and worked in conflict resolution in South Sudan, I am currently conducting dissertation research in Ethiopia. Map East Africa is a place for recording, storing and sharing information. This website is a not-for-profit space for sharing information and ideas, and I am open to collaboration with other researchers. If updates and communication are spotty at times, it is likely that I am in the field with poor internet access.



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FEATURED: Sudan Political Timelines Project, July 2014

Keeping track of Sudan’s political parties and rebel groups can be confusing. We’ve done the historical analysis for you and have created diagrams that help visualize political alliances and antagonisms. Visit our Sudan Political Timelines page to see more.

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