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"The State of Post-conflict Reconstruction" in Juba, South Sudan by Naseem Badiey (Book Review)

The State of Post-conflict Reconstruction: Land, Urban Development and State-building in Juba, Southern Sudan. By Naseem Badiey. James Currey Press, 2014. The title of this book hints at the convergence of several fascinating topics, and situates the work within a growing literature relating national politics to more localized experiences. The intersection of urban perspectives and […]

REMNASA, the Nyarango Boys, and the “non-existent” Western Equatoria Rebellion

The situation in Western Equatoria remains fluid and muddy, with diverse reports of what has happened over the past year regarding rebellion and the emergence of armed groups, particularly the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) – led by Major Losuba Lodoru Wango, who reportedly worked with the South Sudan Ministry of Defense before his defection – […]

Some Reflections on South Sudan's Unhappy Fourth Birthday

I visited Juba for the first time during the month leading up to South Sudan’s independence in 2011. The main reason for my visit was my participation in a conflict assessment in eastern Warrap State as part of the Carter Center’s initiative to foster both grassroots and high-level dialogue targeted at ending the rebellion that […]

Will Federalism Solve South Sudan's Issues?

Will Federalism Solve South Sudan’s Issues? Federalism in South Sudan has arisen as a major political issue over the past two months from Equatoria to Upper Nile as numerous politicians have proposed a federal system of government as a way forward in the current crisis in South Sudan. Of note, Riek Machar of the SPLM/A-In-Opposition […]

Cattle Raiding in Warrap and Unity, South Sudan

Cattle Raiding in South Sudan, particularly cattle raiding in Warrap and Unity, has long been associated with rebel movements; in fact, P.A. Nyaba asserts in his 1997 book The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan that historically, many soldiers who joined the military or rebel groups did so with the motivation of acquiring weapons which […]

South Sudan Rebellion Maps: The December 2013 Rebellion in 6 Pictures

South Sudan Rebellion Maps: The December 2013 Rebellion in 6 Pictures

South Sudan Rebellion Maps as of January 2014: A six-map time series showing areas affected by the South Sudan rebellion, December 15, 2013-January 30, 2014 Please note that areas displayed on the South Sudan rebellion maps as areas under rebel control are based on media reports and (often propagandist) claims by both sides of the […]

South Sudan Crisis - Ethnicity IS Political

(Scroll down or click here for interactive conflict maps of events so far in January) The watch-phrase for international groups in South Sudan is “ethnic conflict,” something that is viewed as worse than a political conflict and something that both sides of the current conflict accuse each other of instigating. Unfortunately, the crisis that has […]

January 13 map update and article: Three historical notes on South Sudan's crisis.

Maps of reported conflict are available for December (click here) and January (click here). (Analysis below) The crisis in South Sudan continues as Riek Machar’s negotiators continue to insist that the political detainees in Juba are released prior to any type of agreement. Salva Kiir and his delegation refuse to release the detainees until they are […]

Mapping South Sudan's Conflict: Leading up to Addis Ababa peace talks

Mapping South Sudan's Conflict: Leading up to Addis Ababa peace talks

(Visit our conflict mapping page for maps of the crisis in South Sudan that began in December and continued into January) A video from a BBC report shows SPLA troops ambushed on the road to Bor. Three weeks after the initial fighting in Juba, defections have continued across the country: SPLA contingents in Morobo and Yei have allegedly […]

South Sudan Conflict: December 20, 2013 - January 1, 2014

South Sudan Conflict: December 20, 2013 - January 1, 2014

For the full list of conflict maps and political events surrounding the recent crisis in South Sudan, please visit the conflict mapping page dedicated to the issue. Following the outbreak of fighting in Juba on December 15, violence spread throughout Greater Upper Nile and parts of eastern Bahr el-Ghazal area (Warrap, Lakes). On December 26, […]

South Sudan Conflict: December 18-19, 2013

South Sudan Conflict: December 18-19, 2013

For the series of conflict maps from December 2013, please visit our conflict mapping page. Following two days of violence, calm began returning to Juba. Several sources place the death toll from December 15-17 at 500, and over 900 SPLA soldiers were reported to be recovering in the Juba Military Hospital. Meanwhile, following the defections […]

South Sudan Conflict: December 15-17, 2013

South Sudan Conflict: December 15-17, 2013

For larger versions of the conflict map(s) below, please visit our conflict mapping page. After previously rescheduling the meeting with last-minute notice, the SPLM scheduled the National Liberation Council (NLC) meeting for December 13-15 in Juba. According to several reports, the NLC planned to address official documents such as the constitution and the SPLM Manifesto, but […]

A brief background of the "illegal" referendum in Abyei

As the Abyei Referendum High Committee proceeds with a referendum vote in Abyei this week, both Khartoum and Juba are up in arms – Khartoum because not only are the Misseriya not voting; the unilateral referendum is being held when the Misseriya are for the most part not even present in Abyei. Juba has distanced […]

How do environmental conditions influence conflict in South Sudan?

How do environmental conditions influence conflict in South Sudan?

The fighting between David Yau Yau’s forces and the SPLA in the Pibor area over the past few months has me thinking about environmental factors influencing conflict dynamics in South Sudan. Jonglei’s swamps along the borderlands between Murle and Nuer territory have always proved volatile areas – perhaps more so now than ever since the [...]