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Free East Africa layer packages for ArcGIS (administrative data)

If you have ever used GIS data where the borders just don’t match up, I feel your pain. Of course, map accuracy varies greatly, even within a single map, because of distortions due to projection. However, there are options for increasing the accuracy, and especially for making sure that you don’t have gaps or overlaps between countries, states, or counties on your map. So I’ve pulled together some data and used topology rules to generate the most accurate (that I have seen so far online) free GIS data for all of East Africa, as well as for individual countries. These should come in very handy if you are working on maps of local areas along international borders or other projects of that type, as well as if you just need accurate maps for the area as a whole.

For those using ArcGIS who want accurate data for the Horn of Africa/East Africa region, check out our newly updated administrative layer packages:

East Africa layer package preview

East Africa layer package preview




Map created with data available for download.

Download GIS data: Sudan and South Sudan

To download Sudan GIS data or South Sudan GIS data (shapefiles), click “download” below or visit our Sudan or South Sudan pages. This package includes:

  • Sudan counties shapefile (with state attribute data to allow for clean visualization)
  • South Sudan counties shapefile (also with state attribute data)
  • Sudan and South Sudan roads shapefile
  • Sudan and South Sudan rivers shapefile
  • Sudan and South Sudan lakes shapefile
  • Sudan and South Sudan railroads shapefile

Boundaries do not imply endorsement by Map East Africa or any of its affiliates (click to download GIS data Sudan/South Sudan: 5 MB).