Trials and Tribulations of East African refugees in South Africa

The Chairperson of the Somali Association of South Africa provided me with this flyer, handed out in Mayfair in 2012. It somehow got lost in my files until now. East African refugees in South Africa all suffer from xenophobic threats and violence. In particular, Somali Refugees in South Africa have experienced hardships due to their focus on township businesses. Their spaza shops provide steady income to owners and investors, but put the lives of workers at risk. Even in central Johannesburg, Somalis and other refugees are subject to scams like this that attempt to foment violence against them.

South Africa Refugees

Many East African refugees are safe neither at home nor abroad. Migrants to South Africa face violence from the moment of their arrival. This faux-FBI handout from 2012 gives evidence of the type of reception that many of them see in South Africa. More on this to come.


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